7zar Shou? Lebanese Charades US version

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FOR US/Canada version ONLY

7zar Shou? Lebanese Charades is a card game that is your traditional charades with a Lebanese twist.

2 or more teams compete trying to act out & guess as many cards as possible. The team with the most points wins.

7zar Shou Lebanese Charades includes: famous sayings, various categories & English Translation for non-Lebanese to join in on the fun!
Also don’t forget to check out the 7zar Kif cards included for a more challenging game! 

135 cards: 120 7zar Shou cards & 13 7zar Kif cards.

Languages: Arabic & English Translation.

Suitable for All Ages.

Game Time: 30min to 3 hours.

Multiple Players.

US/Canada Orders Only.

** For Lebanese version contact: https://www.instagram.com/p/CI8NaDwM8Z2/?igshid=1cbyvdpe3qqnl

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5 reviews for 7zar Shou? Lebanese Charades US version

  1. karimf00

    Love it!

  2. Didi21

    What a fun and hilarious game! Loved playing it with friends &family!! Highly recommend it!

  3. Maya

    Fantastic game! Played with my family and it was a riot!

  4. Anissa (verified owner)

    Loved this game! We played it at every holiday this year with family and friends. The Lebanese has a blast and the Americans joined in the fun too! I will definitely bring a bunch a gifts at my next trip to Lebanon 🇱🇧.
    Thanks for the idea and making it into a reality!

  5. daisy

    When will it be back in stock ? I want 2 please

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